Saturday 26 February 2022


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This is a unique opportunity to join a small group of your peers for a day of learning, inspiration and camaraderie at the award-winning Daylesford Longhouse by Partners Hill.

The design and inhabitation of a home reflect the personalities or values of the people who live there. The Daylesford Longhouse is a poetic yet pragmatic expression of its owners’ love for food – from the growing of farm produce to the plating of a dish. This iteration of The Architecture Symposium draws together presentations on a collection of Australian houses that, like the Daylesford Longhouse, expertly combine the function of “living” with something else. Whether performing as a music venue, gallery or vehicle for the regeneration of a damaged landscape, these homes by world-class Australian architects are united by an exploration of dualities and hybrid typologies.


Zoe Jackson

Event Manager

Daylesford Longhouse by Partners Hill. Photography: Rory Gardiner.

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