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Previously a director of Donovan Hill, Timothy Hill recently established Partners Hill to continue participating in building, researching, advocating and teaching. His output has been awarded at the national and international levels and is deliberately unspecialized; projects have ranged through furniture commissions, city centre masterplans, landscapes, campus buildings, office towers and in a continuous stream, houses.

His investigation into alternate models of housing that provide flexibility throughout the lifespan of their inhabitants call into question “what is a house?” “who is it for?” and “are houses just for families?” His involvement in delivering larger schemes in the speculative sector (SL8 and W4 Apartments) has informed propositions for alternative models.

These alternatives to nuclear family housing have yielded the demonstration projects of D House, T1 House, T2 House, Y3 House, Terrace Street Apartments, Z House, N House, MM House, C House, Longhouse and Mermaid Multihouse.

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