Friday 11 October – Saturday 12 October 2024


State Library of Queensland
Stanley Place
Brisbane Queensland 4101
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In an increasingly digital world, many architects find inspiration in escaping the office and engaging directly with materials and trade knowledge. Collaborative prototyping, sketching and open conversation on site can lead to new design possibilities that respond to the many environmental, technological and economic challenges we face today. This symposium explores and celebrates the opportunities of being “out of office.” Speakers from across Australia and abroad will share stories from site, their collaboration with builders, and their hands-on models of practice and education.


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Sophia Buckle

Event Coordinator Header Image On site at Inverdon House by Chloe Naughton Architect. Photography by Chloe Naughton.


  • 11 October DAY ONE: Symposium
  • 8.30 am Delegate arrival
  • 9.00 am Welcome to Country
  • 9.10 am Introduction
    Katelin Butler and Georgia Birks, Architecture Media
  • 9.15 am Opening comments
    Guest curators Clare Kennedy (Five Mile Radius) and John Ellway (John Ellway Architect)
  • 9.30 am Presentation
    Tomoaki Uno, Tomoaki Uno Architects (Nagoya, Japan)
  • 10.00 am Presentation
    Chloe Naughton, BVN (Sydney, NSW)
  • 10.30 am Presentation
    Daniel Burnett, Blok Modular (Brisbane, Qld)
  • 11.00 am Morning tea
  • 11.30 am Presentation
    Sarah Lynn Rees, Jackson Clements Burrows Architects (Melbourne, Vic)
  • 11.45 am Presentation
    Sascha Solar-March, SAHA (Sydney, NSW)
  • 12.00 pm Presentation
    Kim Baber, Baber Studio (Brisbane, Qld)
  • 12.15 pm Presentation
    Claire Markwick-Smith, Claire Markwick-Smith (Adelaide, SA)
  • 12.30 pm Presentation
  • 12.45 pm Presentation
    Yolandé Vorster, Architectus Conrad Gargett (Brisbane, Qld)
  • 1.00 pm Lunch
  • 2.00 pm Virtual Presentation
    Laurens Bekemans, Assemble and BC Architects (London, UK and Brussels, Belgium)
  • 2.30 pm Presentation
    Bindi McLean, NMBW Architecture Studio (Melbourne, Vic)
  • 3.00 pm Presentation
    Scott Burchell, Comb Construction (Melbourne, Vic)
  • 3.30 pm Curators' comments
    Guest curators Clare Kennedy (Five Mile Radius) and John Ellway (John Ellway Architect)
  • 3.45 pm Final words
    Katelin Butler and Georgia Birks, Architecture Media
  • 4.00 Closing drinks
  • 5.00 Delegates depart


Chloe Naughton

Senior Associate, BVN

Chloe Naughton first practiced architecture solo in regional North Queensland before transitioning to medium practice and working at a commercial scale in Brisbane. Lima, Peru was next, and for the past five years, Chloe has enjoyed scaling her experience to large practice across multiple sectors at BVN Architecture.

Her early days of site exposure sparked an ongoing curiosity in working closely with contractors to develop details and workshop ideas in real time, relevant to the skills and expertise of local trade and material availability. Committed to creating climate-responsive architecture wherever possible, Chloe prioritises on-site problem solving to reach a united outcome with the design team, the contractor, sub-contractors and client.

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Daniel Burnett

Founding Director, Blok Modular

Daniel is an architect, a licenced builder, and the founder of Blok Modular, an architecture practice and modular factory. Blok focuses on simple, sensitive, small-scale buildings, which utilise a replicable structural system to produce architecture in a more efficient and controlled factory environment, as volumetric modules. In 2017 Daniel established an ongoing collaboration with Vokes and Peters. Last year the team won a Houses Award and were shortlisted for the Robin Boyd Award for a small suburban modular house in Stafford Heights. The collaboration explores the relationship between modular construction as a future procurement model and architecture which responds to a growing need for more agile housing models.

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Sarah Lynn Rees

Associate Principal, Indigenous Design and Engagement Lead, Jackson Clements Burrows Architects

Sarah Lynn Rees is a Palawa woman descending from the Plangermaireener and Trawlwoolway people of North-East Tasmania. Based in Birrarung-ga (Melbourne), she is an architectural practitioner, academic and writer. She is also prominent advocate and advisor with a firm commitment to Indigenising the built environment.

Sarah is an associate principal at Jackson Clements Burrows Architects and a lecturer at Monash University. Some of her numerous industry appointments include co-chair of the Australian Institute for Architects First Nations Advisory Committee, Program consultant and curator of the BLAKitecture series at MPavilion and a director on the board of the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art.

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Sascha Solar-March

Founding Partner and Principal Architect, SAHA

Sascha Solar-March is a founding partner and principal architect at SAHA, a multi-award-winning architecture studio based in Sydney committed to realising beautiful, hardworking and environmentally sensitive buildings.

Sascha began his career as a foreman and project manager on residential and medium high-rise construction projects. This experience in both architecture and construction has informed his love for how buildings go together. A commitment to community enrichment has been a constant throughout his career, reflected in his ongoing work with Healthabitat, a registered not-for-profit organisation working with First Nations communities to improve housing for better health outcomes.

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Kim Baber

Principal, Baber Studio

Kim Baber is principal of Brisbane-based architecture practice Baber Studio. His practice is interested in using materials in a direct way and exploring structures that have an inherent tectonic expression, where spaces are given character through this approach, but also yield tangible benefits for the building’s carbon footprint as a result.

Kim is a recipient of the Australian Institute of Architects Emerging Architect Prize and Karl Langer Award, and a Gottstein Fellowship. He is currently also a part-time fellow at the University of Queensland.

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Claire Markwick-Smith

Claire Markwick-Smith

Claire Markwick-Smith is an interior, spatial and object designer based in South Australia. Influenced by her interior design background, Claire’s object design practice focuses on composition, construction processes and materiality. Being heavily involved in the fabrication processes of both her object and interior practice, Claire applies these learnt principles and knowledge to all aspects of her design process, exploring the aesthetic influence this has on her work.

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Lucinda McLean

Founding Director, NMBW Architecture Studio

Lucinda McLean is a founding director of NMBW Architecture Studio, a Melbourne-based practice established in 1997. The design methodology of the practice is place-based with a strong focus on materiality and cultural experience.

The NMBW team's attention to the relationships between things allows them to strategically link large and small actions in each environment, focus on both buildings and landscapes and create holistic, inclusive and culturally deep design responses. On the ground research and experience is a vital part of the design process, and intricate working with existing conditions carries through all stages of projects.

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Clare Kennedy

Director, Five Mile Radius

Clare Kennedy is an architect and director of design studio Five Mile Radius. Clare is interested in local, bio-based and recycled construction materials, which she explores through both practice and research. Five Mile Radius is founded on a tradition of making and has operated a workshop alongside its architecture practice since its foundation.

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John Ellway

John Ellway Architect

John Ellway runs a small architectural practice with a love for creating places where people live, inspired by their stories of travel and family memories. His goal is to create simple functional buildings that delight and surprise through the control of light, shadow and landscape, with a focus on local materials, climate, and social relationships.

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