Friday 2 August 2024


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How might we reconsider existing Australian housing typologies, shifting them away from redundancy and towards retention and renewal? How might we re-evaluate the broader syntax of multiresidential projects – the spatial, social, ecological and financial conditions from which they spring and to which they can contribute? And how might we as designers work together with other disciplines – to reach beyond the bespoke, to open-source our methods and to mainstream our practices? Readymade will examine research projects, built projects and atypical methods and scales of practicing that consider the potential of working intelligently with what we already have.


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Sophia Buckle

Event Coordinator


Jennie Officer

Founding Director, Officer Woods Architects

Jennie is a founding director at Officer Woods Architects, a senior lecturer in the School of Design at the University of Western Australia and a fellow of the Australian Institute of Architects.

Jennie grew up in the remote Murchison region of Western Australia and particularly enjoys responding to non-standard challenges and issues. She combines several roles in professional life: practitioner, teacher, researcher and advocate.

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Nigel Bertram

Director, NMBW Architecture Studio

Nigel Bertram is practice professor of architecture at Monash University and director of NMBW Architecture Studio, established in Melbourne with Marika Neustupny and Lucinda McLean in 1997. The team’s architectural work has been widely published and awarded across categories, including urban design, single and multiple residential designs, small public works and adaptive re-use of existing buildings.

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