Wednesday 24 August – Friday 16 September 2022
5.00 pm (AEST)


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The workplace is evolving, prompting a shift in what a typical office can and should offer. As employers and employees get familiar with working on and off site, a change in office atmosphere and amenities is not only a movement but a demand. In this edition of Work Place / Work Life, we question what these new expectations are and how design can cater to them. We’ll hear from leading practitioners, researchers and workplace experts from Australia and abroad as they discuss and critique the future of office design.


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Session 3 CPD Questions – Out of Office: Designing for Hybrid Work


Sophia Buckle

Event Coordinator Header Image Two-Day Office by Space and Pepper. Illustration by Maria Papadouli.


  • Out of Office: Designing for Hybrid Work
    Pandemic-induced changes have seen the majority of the workforce move to a new hybrid way of working. As work life and location steer into a flexible model, what impact does this have on the design of the office? Speakers in this session will present people-centred research, projects and frameworks that explore designs that are fit-for-purpose for both individuals and team environments.
  • Presentations
    Daniel Davis and Evodia Alaterou, Hassell (New York, USA, and Melbourne, Vic)
    Franziska Heuschkel, Space and Pepper (Berlin, Germany)
    Elly Dalziel, Mirvac (Sydney, NSW)
  • Dissection
    An hour-long panel discussion with Evodia Alaterou, Franziska Heuschkel and Elly Dalziel.
    Moderator: Angela Ferguson, Futurespace (Sydney, NSW)
  • Session 3 CPD Questions – Out of Office: Designing for Hybrid Work


Daniel Davis

Senior Researcher, Hassell

Based in New York, Daniel Davis is a senior researcher at Hassell, specializing in workplace research.

Prior to joining Hassell, Daniel was the director of research at WeWork. He originally studied architecture in New Zealand and later did a PhD at RMIT University. Daniel is a regular columnist for Architect Magazine in the United States and his research has appeared in a variety of publications – including Wired, Fast Company, and the Harvard Business Review.

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Evodia Alaterou

Workplace Design Strategy Leader and Principal, Hassell

Evodia Alaterou leads Hassell’s design strategy team – a group dedicated to understanding the people at the heart of the projects. Combining data and analytics with open-minded curiosity, Evodia and her team share specific insights that boost long-term value for clients investing in design.

With qualifications in architecture and environmental psychology, Evodia has a particular interest in how design can shape and enhance the culture of a place. She believes in the power of great strategy and design to heighten organizational performance, particularly as trends like “work anywhere” flexibility continue to rise.

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Franziska Heuschkel

Co-Founder, Space and Pepper

As a multi-disciplinary consultant, Franziska Heuschkel designs human-centric, functional and genre-breaking space concepts in the new-work and hospitality industries. Working at the intersection of business strategy and user experience, her work provides powerful market- and user-insights for teams in discovery mode.

Before co-founding creative studio Space and Pepper, Franziska worked in international marketing and business development for Lufthansa and Coca-Cola in Europe and the United States. In 2016, Franziska moved to Berlin to pursue her ambition to co-design a new generation of space concepts for a new wave of user needs and habits.

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Elly Dalziel

Manager Strategy & Customer, Mirvac

Elly Dalziel is the manager of strategy and customer at Mirvac. Her role is to identify future trends, challenges and opportunities for Mirvac and its customers – forming partnerships and relationships, and growing capability and knowledge within the business to ensure Mirvac is ahead of the curve.

Elly has spearheaded various research and thought-leadership projects, including the development of Mirvac’s new pilot space The Adaptive Workplace and the white paper covering insights from its development: Designing the workplace of the future; Learnings and insights from our latest experiment.

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Angela Ferguson

Managing and Creative Director, Futurespace

Angela Ferguson is one of Australia’s leading experts on workplace strategy and design. She is co-founder of the Future X Collective, and managing and creative director of Futurespace.

For more than 20 years, she has worked with a diverse range of corporate clients across Australia, Asia and New Zealand to strategize and create workspaces that align with an organization’s business strategy, culture, brand, technology blueprint and wellness initiatives.

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