Wednesday 18 May – Friday 12 August 2022


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This session was originally presented as part of Old School / New School 2021.

Education is one of the most powerful investments for our future. For individuals, education can lead to a path of empowerment and employment, and at a larger scale it can have a significant impact on a nation’s economic return. With this in mind, how can architectural agency promote positive learning experiences and outcomes for all levels of education? In this edition of Old School New School, we hear from leading practitioners, researchers and educators from Australia and abroad as they discuss and interrogate architecture’s role in the future of education.


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CPD Questions – Back To School: Designing for Primary and Secondary Education


Sophia Buckle

Event Coordinator Header Image Western Academy Of Beijing by Rosan Bosch Studio. Photography by Kim Wendt.


  • Back to School: Designing for Primary and Secondary Education
    Schools are mini ecosystems of our greater communities, capturing a range of backgrounds, cultures and demographics into one institution. With diverse individuals comes a variety in learning styles and capabilities. How can architects create learning spaces that are equitable and engaging for all enrolled? And what role does architecture play in facilitating a school’s culture and values? Speakers in this session will present research and evidence-based case studies that explore how design can influence the learning experience and environment for both students and teachers.
  • Session Information
    Rosan Bosch, Rosan Bosch Studio (Copenhagen, Denmark)
    Rachel Neeson, Neeson Murcutt and Neille (Sydney, NSW)
    Meagan Killer, Queensland Government Department of Education (Brisbane, Qld) with Bruce Houghton and Adam Catalano, Bentley Park College (Cairns, Qld)

    Presentations are followed by a panel discussion moderated by Clare Newton of the University of Melbourne (Melbourne, Vic).
  • CPD Questions – Back To School: Designing for Primary and Secondary Education


Rosan Bosch

Founder and Creative Director, Rosan Bosch Studio

Rosan Bosch is an artist and designer revolutionizing learning spaces across the globe. Her Copenhagen-based studio has become a worldwide key referent for educational innovation. She is world-renowned for saying “designing a better world starts at school.”

Rosan's passion to change and develop education originates with her children’s education. She witnessed how they were losing their innate curiosity and creativity in an environment that imposed on them a tedious and passive way of learning. Since then, she has used design as a tool to create spaces that motivate students to “learn how to learn.”

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Rachel Neeson

Director, Neeson Murcutt Neille

Rachel Neeson is director of the architecture practice Neeson Murcutt Neille. Rachel studied architecture at the University of Sydney, graduating with the University Medal in 1993. She was awarded the Board of Architects 2002 Byera Hadley Travelling Scholarship and completed a Masters of Architecture in Barcelona. Upon her return in 2004, Rachel established Neeson Murcutt Architects with the late Nick Murcutt.

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Meagan Killer

Director of Youth Engagement, Queensland Government Department of Education

Meagan Killer has been the director of youth engagement for the Queensland Government Department of Education since 2017 and has overseen the FlexiSpace initiative from its conceptualization to implementation. Meagan plays a key role in realizing the Department of Education’s mission to develop and implement key policy directions and initiatives to support all young Queenslanders in remaining engaged in study or work, particularly those who are disengaged or at risk of disengagement.

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Clare Newton

Associate Professor, University of Melbourne

As an architect and doctor of education, Clare brings expertise to the design and occupation of learning spaces. Clare is a founding member of LEaRN at the University of Melbourne and initiated the new Graduate Certificate in Design for Health and Wellbeing. She co-developed six subjects for designers and non-designers to critically evaluate built environments for learning, productivity, sustainability, ageing or wellbeing.

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