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Rosan Bosch is an artist and designer revolutionizing learning spaces across the globe. Her Copenhagen-based studio has become a worldwide key referent for educational innovation. She is world-renowned for saying “designing a better world starts at school.”

Rosan's passion to change and develop education originates with her children’s education. She witnessed how they were losing their innate curiosity and creativity in an environment that imposed on them a tedious and passive way of learning. Since then, she has used design as a tool to create spaces that motivate students to “learn how to learn.”

Travelling the world with #expeditionforeducation, Rosan promotes her visionary perspective and approach. Most recently she visited Argentina, Norway, Belgium, India and Mexico. As a thought leader on innovation in education, she is regularly invited as a keynote speaker to large international conferences. As an expert on art thinking and the effect of innovative spaces, she gives talks on design as a tool for change and development.

The studio’s portfolio ranges from art and transformation projects to total redesigns of schools, libraries and workplaces. The studio is known for the design of the innovation department at LEGO Headquarters in Denmark, and libraries such as Hjørring, Løkken and Billund. Its school projects are internationally recognized, with award nominations such as the Sheikh Zayed Academy (Prize INSIDE 2016) and the school Vittra Södermalm in Stockholm (Danish Design Award).

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