Wednesday 19 October – Friday 11 November 2022
5.00 pm (AEDT)


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As a driver for opportunity and independence, education has the potential to advance society as a whole and is an important investment for our future. So, how can architecture create learning environments with equity, community and longevity at their core? In this edition of Old School / New School, we hear from leading practitioners, researchers and educators from Australia and abroad as they discuss and interrogate architecture’s role in the future of education.


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Sophia Buckle

Event Coordinator Header Image Wangaratta District Specialist School, Benalla, by Sibling Architecture. Image courtesy of Sibling Architecture.


  • Get Smart: Designing Spaces for All Learning Capabilities
    Whether you are a visual or an auditory learner, or a student with or without a disability, the purpose of education remains the same: to gain knowledge and skills for everyday life that can lead to wide-ranging opportunities. In this session, we ask how architects can design spaces that cater to the diversity of learning types and capabilities. Speakers will present case studies and insights to discuss the importance of inclusivity when designing a learning environment.
  • Presentations
    Amelia Borg, Sibling Architecture (Melbourne, Vic)
    Fiona MacDonald and Matthew Springett, Matt and Fiona (London, UK)
    Dr Peter Walker, Australian Association of Special Education and Flinders University (Adelaide, SA)
  • Dissection
    An hour-long panel discussion with Amelia Borg, Fiona MacDonald, Matthew Springett and Peter Walker.
    Moderator: Dr Kellee Frith, Architectus (Melbourne, Vic)


Amelia Borg

Director, Sibling Architecture

Amelia Borg is a director of Sibling Architecture, a Melbourne-based collaborative architecture and design studio that works at a range of scales and complexities. She is an internationally experienced architect with over a decade’s worth of experience, bringing a deep knowledge of design and research to Sibling where she oversees key civic projects for government and cultural organisations.

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Fiona MacDonald

Co-founder, Matt and Fiona

Fiona MacDonald is a co-founder and director of Matt and Fiona, based in London. She trained in architecture and has over 10 years of experience working in cultural learning and outreach for Open-City, the RIBA and the Design Museum, where she is currently head of learning. Fiona leads tailored engagement for children and young people – ensuring the co-design process has strong learning outcomes for all.

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Matthew Springett

Co-founder, Matt and Fiona

Matthew Springett is a co-founder and director of Matt and Fiona, based in London. He is an ARB qualified architect with his own practice, MSA Ltd. Matthew also works as a senior lecturer and teaching fellow at the Bartlett, University of Central London.

Through architectural education, Matthew connects disciplines that do not always intersect: students, architects, engineers and construction workers – creating robust, achievable and award-winning architecture.

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Dr Peter Walker

South Australian Chapter President, Australian Association of Special Education

Dr Peter Walker has worked in both general education and special school settings for over 20 years, both in South Australia and New South Wales. Following fiev years as a school principal, Peter returned to Adelaide to teach in both undergraduate and postgraduate programs at the School of Education, Flinders University. In 2016 Peter presented a Ted Talk at Tedx Adelaide on the theme of 'inclusive education' and in 2018 he was invited to speak at the Adelaide Festival of Ideas. He is the past national president of the Australian Association of Special Education (AASE) and current South Australian president of AASE. His current research interests include spatial research for inclusion.

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Dr Kellee Frith

Consultant, Architectus

Kellee Frith an in-house consultant for architectural practice Architectus, working as an education environments strategist. Kellee is passionately interested in education and the ways that people learn and teach. In particular, she wants to know how the design of physical learning environments can positively influence the learning experience and teaching practice. Kellee works closely with students, teachers and school communities to understand the kind of spaces and settings required to support them.

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