Wednesday 10 August – Friday 16 September 2022
5.00 pm (AEST)


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The workplace is evolving, prompting a shift in what a typical office can and should offer. As employers and employees get familiar with working on and off site, a change in office atmosphere and amenities is not only a movement but a demand. In this edition of Work Place / Work Life, we question what these new expectations are and how design can cater to them. We’ll hear from leading practitioners, researchers and workplace experts from Australia and abroad as they discuss and critique the future of office design.


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Session 1 CPD Questions – The Reality of Realty: Where's Tomorrow’s Office?


Sophia Buckle

Event Coordinator Header Image Victoria Cross Metro by Bates Smart. Image courtesy of Bates Smart.


  • The Reality of Realty: Where’s Tomorrow’s Office?
    After experiencing a significant shift in where we work, the return to the city is underway. With this in mind, what role do designers play in enticing businesses and individuals back to work in the city and where are organisations looking to lease? Speakers in this session will present case studies, research and insights that indicate the trajectory of locations for office tenancies and how this is reshaping workplace design.
  • Presentations
    Bill Dowzer, BVN (Sydney, NSW)
    Philip Vivian, Bates Smart (Sydney, NSW)
    Ada Choi, CBRE (Hong Kong)
  • Dissection
    An hour-long panel discussion with Bill Dowzer, Philip Vivian and Ada Choi.
    Moderator: Rebecca Trenorden, Carr (Melbourne, Vic)
  • Session 1 CPD Questions – The Reality of Realty: Where's Tomorrow’s Office?


Bill Dowzer

Principal, BVN

Bill is a principal architect at BVN and a natural-born disruptor. He has an innate way of creatively responding to client briefs and forming a narrative through his design response – all while keeping clients, collaborators, stakeholders and team members captivated.

Across the various sectors, cities and countries he has worked in, Bill fundamentally designs for people. His passion is empowering communities to be involved in the design process; this has resulted in libraries that are loved by their communities, workplaces that inspire, and education facilities that champion emerging pedagogies.

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Philip Vivian

Director, Bates Smart

Philip Vivian is a director at Bates Smart, where he has led the Sydney studio since 1998. He is an architect and urban designer, and has studied city design at the London School of Economics and Columbia University in New York.

A specialist in large-scale commercial projects, Philip has helped shape Sydney’s architecture, transport and public domain, setting the course for the city’s development as it faces unprecedented growth. Key projects he has worked on include Sydney 2050–2070, the City of Sydney’s vision plan for future urban transformation, and integrated station developments at Victoria Cross Metro Station in North Sydney and Pitt Street South in the Sydney CBD.

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Ada Choi

Executive Director, Research, Asia Pacific, CBRE

Ada Choi is the executive director of research at CBRE in the Asia Pacific, advising corporate clients of occupier real estate strategies. She also leads data intelligence and research management in the region. During 2018–2020, Ada acted as head of research for Greater China, leading about 40 researchers.

Ada has over 10 years’ experience in the Asia Pacific property market and publishes thematic research on the region’s real estate market. Her research interests span from aspirations of millennials in reshaping the real estate sector to the rise of institutional investors globally.

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Rebecca Trenorden

Associate Director, Carr

Rebecca Trenorden is an associate director at Carr, leading the commercial interiors team.

She draws on international experience and a multi-disciplinary approach to create places that achieve a sense of clarity and cohesion. For Rebecca, good design is about something greater than the sum of its parts; it’s the feeling it evokes and the response it receives. Good design encourages tenant retention and attraction.

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