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This session was originally presented as part of Health Care / Health Design (2021).

As the world grapples with the most far-reaching health crisis in more than 100 years, along with an ageing population and persistent health disparities, the role that architecture can play in health care deserves renewed attention.

How can we ensure architectural agency in the health care sector is progressive and responsive, rather than reactive? This edition of the Health Care / Health Design forum explores how architectural outcomes can influence the quality and efficiency of our health care systems. Leading practitioners, researchers and administrators from Australia and abroad discuss issues, share their experiences and interrogate architecture’s relationship with the health challenges the world faces today


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CPD Questions – Access All Areas: Designing for Ageing


Sophia Buckle

Event Coordinator Header Image Theatre Square at The Hogeweyk dementia village in the Netherlands by Be Advice. Photography by Paul Tolenaar.


  • Access All Areas: Designing for Ageing
    It is clear that a business-as-usual approach to aged care is obsolete, with revelations of serious malpractice in Australian aged care facilities resulting in a Royal Commission that has made 148 wide-ranging recommendations. With Australia’s ageing population, and more than 50 percent of aged care residents living with dementia, there’s never been more urgency to improve the living standards for the final chapters of life. In light of the alarming statistics and the damning findings of the commission, how can we build better to live longer? Speakers in this session will present work and research that addresses the needs of an ageing population, focusing in particular on how design can make a difference for future generations.
  • Session Information
    Joshua Wheeler, MGS Architects (Melbourne, Vic)
    Yim Eng Ng, Conrad Gargett (Brisbane, Qld)
    Eloy van Hal, Be Advice (Amsterdam, NL)

    Presentations are followed by a panel discussion moderated by Guy Luscombe from System Architects.
  • CPD Questions – Access All Areas: Designing for Ageing


Joshua Wheeler

Director, MGS Architects

Joshua has experience in design, planning and architectural contract administration as well as urban design and master planning. Joshua is regularly involved in the design and coordination of our senior secondary and tertiary education clients, local government and community focused projects and our affordable/community housing projects from the medium to large scale. He has recently completed affordable housing projects for the Old Colonists’ Association of Victoria (OCAV) at Rushall Park and Leith Park, the Balwyn Park Community Hub and Tennis Club, Vincent Care Victoria’s Homelessness Resource Centre, Harrow Street Multi-Deck Car Park and Community Centre, and Swinburne University’s iHub and Student Abroad projects.

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Yim Eng Ng

Senior Associate, Conrad Gargett

Yim Eng (Y E) is a doctoral candidate at the University of Queensland. Her research uses a case study approach to examine and understand the built environments spatial implications and design considerations, which can enhance Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living experiences in residential aged care settings in South-east Queensland. As part of her 2019 UQ’s Ceridwen Indigenous Scholarship, she has travelled to aged care facilities in the remote Northern Territory; Mutitjulu and Docker River. Y E is passionate about creating age inclusive spaces and culturally responsive spaces. She has presented her research at the 2019 Australian Association of Gerontology Conference: New way of knowing and acting.

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Eloy van Hal

Senior Managing Advisor , Be Advice

Eloy has been fascinated by consumer behaviour from an early age. What would you want when you get older? How would you want to live? Who is happy living in an institution, and who isn’t? The elderly as consumers. The multidisciplinary master’s in consumer sciences at Wageningen University and Research in the Netherlands (with a focus on management, economics and sociology) was a logical addition to his studies in facility management. For years, Eloy has been working with this experience and a dedication to improving the living environment and care for elderly consumers with and without dementia. He wants to create a tangible and visible level of quality and joie de vivre as a choice, in addition to good care and support. An alternative to a traditional institution.

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Guy Luscombe

Sydney Director, System Architects

Guy Luscombe is an architect who for the last 20 years has been asking questions of the built environment, seeking to make it better for an increasingly older population. He has designed over 40 projects for older people at all levels of need. He was co-editor of the influential book “Beyond Beige” and the recipient of a Byera Hadley Travelling Scholarship to study innovative architecture for older people in Europe entitled “The NANA Project – New Architecture for the New Aged”. He co-founded AGEncy Cohousing and Community, a group exploring better housing options for older people. He is a regular conference speaker and commentator in print and on radio and has taught at all the Sydney universities. He is currently the Sydney director of System Architects, a practice based in New York.

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