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Debbie is the owner of McBride Charles Ryan with over 30 years’ experience in design and the built environment. Debbie is recognized as one of Australia’s leading designers as is demonstrated by her numerous national and international awards.

Debbie believes that architecture should never relinquish experimentation and uses design of all scales as a means to this end. With each project, forms, spaces, materials and context are all up for grabs. Both scientific and intuitive, Debbie has a special ability to conceive design schemes that meet the individual requirements of each building. Coupled with her skills in negotiation, she enables the practice to align the requirements found in complex client groups without compromising the design concepts. Debbie has been featured in numerous design journals and TV programs, including the ABC documentary “The Life Architecturally.” Debbie's practice has received over 80 design awards, both locally and internationally.

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