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Damien Mulvihill is a joint creative director of Design Office, an interior and architectural design practice committed to delivering human-centred spaces that are emotionally resonant and contribute to everyday life.

Based in Melbourne's Collingwood, the studio was founded in 2008. Since formation, Design Office has collaborated with a diverse selection of clients and sectors to create hospitality, retail, commercial, residential and institutional projects.

Along with co-director Mark Simpson, Damien also oversees Platform by Design Office, the umbrella of the studio which collaborates with brands to develop tailored architectural languages to deliver “Brands in Built Form.”

With over 25 years of experience, Damien has worked in design studios in London, Asia and the US. Damien has a personal passion for spatial planning, the psychology of space and the resolution of fine detail, using these tools to create spaces which feel great for work, life and play.

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