Tuesday 3 October – Friday 17 November 2023


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How can we ensure that architectural agency in the healthcare sector is progressive and responsive, rather than reactive? This edition of the Health Care / Health Design forum explores the influence architecture can have on the quality, efficiency and community impact of our healthcare systems. Leading practitioners, researchers and professionals from Australia and abroad discuss the issues, share their experiences and interrogate architecture’s relationship with the health challenges the world faces today.


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CPD Questions – People-Centred Healthcare: Designing for Community Impact


Sophia Buckle

Event Coordinator Header Image Xi’an Angel Paediatric Hospital by Woods Bagot. Photography by Justin Szeremeta.


  • People-Centred Healthcare: Designing for Community Impact
    The best design for a healthcare environment differs, depending on the demographic and cultural backgrounds, and the health circumstances, of the communities it serves. In this session, we question how architects can create spaces that make patients feel safe and supported while in care – in turn, encouraging community engagement with the health sector. Speakers will delve into the importance of design, consultation and collaboration in creating fit-for-purpose, community-centric healthcare facilities.
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  • 12.00 pm Presentation 1
    Edwina Bennett, Woods Bagot (Adelaide, SA)
  • 12.20 pm Presentation 2
    Tara Veldman, Billard Leece Partnership (Sydney, NSW)
  • 12.40 pm Presentation 3
    Adele King and Alexandra Smith, Warren and Mahoney (Auckland, New Zealand) with Bronwen Te Whare, Renal Unit Clinical Nurse Manager for Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand (New Plymouth, New Zealand)
  • 1.00 pm Dissection
    An hour-long panel discussion with Edwina Bennett, Tara Veldman, Adele King and Alexandra Smith.
    Moderator: Stefano Scalzo, Victorian Department of Health
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  • CPD Questions – People-Centred Healthcare: Designing for Community Impact


Edwina Bennett

Principal and Global Health Sector Leader, Woods Bagot

Edwina has over 25 years’ industry experience and expertise in Australia and overseas in the design, delivery and management of a broad range of building typologies. She has delivered projects across a diverse range of sectors including health and life sciences, education, defence, commercial, hospitality, commercial fitouts, and large-scale residential developments.

As global health sector leader, Edwina champions People-Centric Care – a model of care driven by human impact and behaviour. Believing that the way we design hospitals and health precincts must be the result of empathetic enquiry, Edwina embodies an empathetic design approach that places people and communities first, from outset to outcome.

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Tara Veldman

Managing Director, Billard Leece Partnership

Tara has over 20 years’ experience designing projects across Australia, Europe, and the Middle East. As Managing Director at Billard Leece Partnership, Tara leads the team to deliver people-based design solutions, translating evidence-based research into the built environment across architecture, master planning, and interior design.

Having designed both in Australia and internationally, Tara brings her expertise of working across a range of sectors and typologies, most notably as an expert in healthy environments. Tara is shaping the future of social infrastructure by designing spaces that promote collective wellbeing.

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Adele King

Principal, Warren and Mahoney

Adele is a highly accomplished architect, principal and health sector co-lead at Warren and Mahoney. With over 20 years of experience, Adele has established herself as a leading expert in healthcare design. Her unwavering commitment to excellence, collaborative approach and exceptional leadership skills have earned her immense respect within architecture and healthcare communities.

Throughout her career, Adele has been involved in numerous projects, leaving a lasting impact on the healthcare landscape. Notably, she has led significant projects such as the Manukau Health Park project and Waitakere Hospital masterplan, demonstrating her ability to navigate complex design challenges and deliver exceptional outcomes.

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Alexandra Smith

Associate, Warren and Mahoney

An accomplished architect and associate at Warren and Mahoney, Alex brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the field of design. With a focus on medium- to large-scale projects in the health, civic and sports sectors, Alex holds a deep understanding of sustainable design principles and a commitment to creating environmentally conscious spaces.

As a powerhouse project architect, Alex spearheaded the innovative design of the Taranki Renal Health Facility – Te Huhi Raupō. This ground-breaking project stands as an exemplary response to the urgent climate crisis.

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Bronwen Te Whare

Renal Unit Clinical Nurse Manager, Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand

Bronwen is the clinical lead at the Te Huhi Raupō dialysis unit. On behalf Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand, Bronwen will share the many positive impacts the new unit has had on staff and patients.

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Stefano Scalzo

Executive General Manager, Investment Planning, Victorian Department of Health

Stefano Scalzo is the executive general manager, investment planning at the Victorian Department of Health, where he identifies the health infrastructure pipeline for the state. He is the “architect” behind most Victorian health, mental health and public sector aged care projects committed to by government over the past few terms.

In 2015, Stefano was awarded a prestigious Fiftieth-Anniversary Churchill Fellowship to research the designs of high-amenity mental health facilities developed over multiple levels; and in 2020, he graduated from the Australian Major Projects Leadership Academy, an initiative of the Victorian government in partnership with Oxford University.

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