Wednesday 4 September 2019
6.00 pm – 8.00 pm ()


Brickworks Design Studio
70 Hindmarsh Square
Adelaide SA
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Nicole Greenwell

Sponsorship and Events

Redfern Warehouse by Ian Moore Architects. Photography by Rory Gardiner.

Redfern Warehouse.


Presented by
Ian Moore, Principal, Ian Moore Architects

Ian Moore, principal of Ian Moore Architects, will present Redfern Warehouse alongside his client Kao Castle, founder of Practical Horse Genetics.

Redfern Warehouse converts a two-storey warehouse into a family home, with an internal courtyard and terrace formed by the removal of sections of roof. The upper level serves as the living accomodation, while the lower level is given over to the garage, guest suite, entry and an equine genetics laboratory.


Presented by
Kao Castle, Founder, Practical Horse Genetics

Kao Castle is the founder of Practical Horse Genetics, a company that does DNA testing for horse owners and breeders in Australia. The DNA tests identify genes underlying horses coat colours and health, helping breeders produce healthy and valuable foals, or sometimes just satisfying their curiosity.

PR House.


Presented by
Marco Spinelli, Director, Architects Ink

Marco Spinelli, a director of Architects Ink, will present PR House alongside his clients Paul and Ren Gerard, owners of Realm Vintage.

PR House replaces a dilapidated but much-loved 1960s beach shack. The architects took a modern approach to the home, to express the essence of a bygone era – an age of simplicity, with enduring materials and spaces to be together and apart. The home connects inside and out with a generous balcony to the south-west view. The property has an air of simplicity, encouraging you to leave your troubles at the oversized timber pivot door.


Presented by
Paul and Ren Gerard, Founders, Realm Vintage

Paul and Ren Gerard are the founders of Realm Vintage, which specializes in the rescue, restoration and preservation of Australian mid-century furniture and homewares. They have a shared love of graphic design, architecture and the modernist era.

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