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This session was originally presented as part of Health Care / Health Design (2021).

As the world grapples with the most far-reaching health crisis in more than 100 years, along with an ageing population and persistent health disparities, the role that architecture can play in health care deserves renewed attention.

How can we ensure architectural agency in the health care sector is progressive and responsive, rather than reactive? This edition of the Health Care / Health Design forum explores how architectural outcomes can influence the quality and efficiency of our health care systems. Leading practitioners, researchers and administrators from Australia and abroad discuss issues, share their experiences and interrogate architecture’s relationship with the health challenges the world faces today


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CPD Questions – Urgent Attention Required: Designing for Crisis


Sophia Buckle

Event Coordinator Header Image Townsville Hospital and Health Service Masterplan by Hassell. Image by Hassell.


  • Urgent Attention Required: Designing for Crisis
    Healthcare emergencies can include personal injuries or psychotic episodes as well as pandemics and other disasters that increase the demand for access to health facilities. The common thread is that hospitals are the principal source of emergency care. What is the responsibility and role of architecture in environments and situations of high intensity? How can a building and its spatial presence influence healthcare outcomes for individuals and society? Speakers in this session will share research, frameworks and case studies developed in response to necessity in situations of emergency.
  • Session Information
    Michaela Sheahan, Hassell (Melbourne, Vic)
    Amie Shao, MASS Design Group (Kigali, Rwanda)
    Scott Davidson, Perkins and Will (Minneapolis, USA)

    Presentations are followed by a panel discussion moderated by Stefano Scalzo from the Victorian Health Building Authority.
  • CPD Questions – Urgent Attention Required: Designing for Crisis


Michaela Sheahan

Senior Researcher, Hassell

Michaela is an experienced design researcher who knows how to sift through mountains of data, observations and publications to find those bits of gold that can make a difference to designers, projects and clients in the health and education sectors. An interior designer by trade, she sees design as both an art and a science, but her remit at Hassell falls squarely in the (social) science realm. Her work has earned industry recognition and taken her all over the globe to explore the experiences of people who commission and use buildings and spaces.

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Amie Shao

Principal, MASS Design Group

Amie Shao is a principal with MASS Design Group, where she oversees research focusing on health infrastructure planning, design, and evaluation. Blending human-centred design practices with evidence-based research, Amie has collaborated with Ariadne Labs and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to investigate the impact of design on clinical care in childbirth, coordinated the production of National Health Infrastructure Standards for the Liberian Ministry of Health, and developed infection control design resources for the United States Agency for International Development.

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Scott Davidson

Principal, Perkins and Will

Scott is a principal at Perkins and Will where he leads the Midwestern United States Health Practice. As an architect with nearly 30 years of experience, focused on the design of health and wellness spaces, he is passionate about creating environments that bridge the complexity of high-functioning operational buildings with elegant designs that are exceptional human experiences for patients, their families, and those charged with their care. He believes it is the mission of the design profession to create resilient buildings that can adapt and flex over time, allowing them to meet the future with confidence and extend their usefulness to future generations.

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