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Debbie Ryan is an owner of McBride Charles Ryan (MCR) with vast experience in the design of commercial, institutional and domestic projects. Her singular design abilities, acute sense of composition and extensive product knowledge has given her a wide and well-deserved reputation. Both scienti c and intuitive, Debbie has a special ability to conceive schemes that perfectly meet the requirements of each client and each building. Coupled with her skills in negotiation, she enables the practice to align the requirements (often disparate) found in a large client group without compromising the unique design concepts. Debbie’s work has been widely published and has gained recognition as a public speaker and critic of design and architecture. MCR believes that architecture should never relinquish experimentation and uses architecture of all scales as a means to this end. With each project, forms, spaces, materials and context are all up for grabs. MCR work on a wide range of project types where each individual project explores the tension between the program, local tradition and experimentation, responding to increasingly conservative local guidelines.

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