Friday 27 July 2018
9.00 am – 5.00 pm


Eternity Playhouse
39 Burton Street
Darlinghurst Sydney NSW
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Design Speaks Conferences 2018

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Housing Futures

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Nicole Greenwell

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  • 8.45am Attendee arrival
  • 9.00am Welcome from Katelin Butler, Editor, Houses magazine
  • 9.15am Keynote address
    Angelo Candalepas, founding director, Candalepas Associates (Sydney)
  • 10.00am Keynote address
    Alison Von Glinow, founding director, Kwong Von Glinow (Chicago)
  • 10.45am Morning tea
  • 11.15am Case study
    Jacqui Alexander, program coordinator at Monash Art Design and Architecture; director, Alexander Sheridan Architecture (Melbourne)
  • Case study
  • Case study
    Andy Fergus, urban designer, Nightingale (Melbourne)
  • 12.15pm Keynote address
  • 1.00pm Lunch break
  • 2.15pm Keynote address
    Go Hasegawa, founding director, Go Hasehawa and Associates (Tokyo)
  • 3.00pm Panel discussion
    Where to from here?
  • 3.45pm Closing comments from Cameron Bruhn, editorial director, Architecture Media
  • 4.00pm Closing drinks
  • 5.00pm Event concludes

Keynote Addresses.

Keynote address

Presented by Angelo Candalepas, Founding director, Candalepas Associates

Keynote address

Presented by Alison Von Glinow, Founding director, Kwong Von Glinow

Keynote address

Presented by Go Hasegawa, Founder, Go Hasegawa & Associates

Case studies.

On-demand domesticity

Presented by Jacqui Alexander, Director, Alexander Sheridan Architecture

The Sharing Economy is changing the way we use, understand and access space, and disrupting the social dynamics of the city. One disruptor, home-sharing platform, Airbnb has lowered the barriers to accessing space by developing a framework that enables a global pool of applicants to rent homes on-demand, in shorter increments of time, and at a premium. Practitioner and academic Jacqui Alexander will discuss the challenges and opportunities that Airbnb presents for the future of Australian housing by examining Melbourne as a case study: arguing that in its short lifespan, Airbnb has wrought significant changes at the scale of the room, house, neighbourhood and city. On-demand domesticity is already changing the social fabric of the city – the question now is how to design and plan for it. Through a discussion of emerging domestic mutations identified in suburban Melbourne, in addition to her own speculative architectural experiments, Jacqui will argue that with design and strategic planning, we can minimize the pernicious effects of Airbnb on the city, and leverage its global success to achieve housing innovation locally.

A foray into the neighbourhood scale – Nightingale Village

Presented by Andy Fergus, Urban designer, Nightingale

Drawing upon ongoing research into collective housing projects in Berlin, Vienna, Amsterdam and South Holland, Andy has been working with Nightingale Housing and Openwork on the urban design component of the first precinct of apartment scale deliberative development in Australia, in the Melbourne suburb of Brunswick. Extending the lessons from critically acclaimed The Commons and Nightingale 1.0, the Nightingale Village provides the first foray of the people oriented housing model into the neighbourhood scale. Seven award-winning architects, some with experience only in small residential projects, have been given the opportunity to each deliver a multi-residential building for the first time, with the added complexity of working together, and within the framework set by an often uncertain planning framework. The project offers an opportunity to reflect on the opportunities and barriers to upscaling deliberative development beyond the individual building, and provides a model for rethinking urban renewal in our rapidly growing cities.

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