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Peter Stutchbury has practised in Australia at Peter Stutchbury Architecture (PSA) since 1981. His work originates from principles of holistic energy management, logical beauty and connection to place. A lifetime of formative education in the desert of western NSW has nurtured Peter’s understanding of land and sky patterns: “If a building sits astray of place, it relies only on the architecture. Connectivity breeds responsibility,” Peter says.

Since 1995, the Australian Institute of Architects has awarded PSA’s buildings on 67 occasions, including 21 named awards. Peter‘s work at PSA has been the subject of three books, several documentaries and multiple lectures in more than 30 countries. His international portfolio includes buildings in PNG, Vanuatu, Japan, Brazil and Russia.

Peter is currently a teaching master with the Architecture Foundation Australia and was a professor at the UoN 1999–2019, where he received the alumni medal in 2005. He received the AIA Gold Medal in 2015 and RIBA international fellowship in 2016.

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