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Isabelle is principal health advisor at Mott MacDonald (MM) Australia, where she serves on the Strategic Advisory Team, specializing in clinical planning. Drawing on her educational background in nursing, and experience in Health Design, she's uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between clinical needs and health infrastructure planning. In recent years, she has played a key role in the health planning phases of several high-value hospital capital development projects in NSW.

In recent months, Isabelle has been collaborating with the MM team in the UK to research international best practices and innovative solutions in the health design field. In her capacity at MM, Isabelle provides expert guidance and strategic direction in designing and implementing health programs, policies, and initiatives that aim to improve the health outcomes of individuals and communities.

As an active board member of the Australian Health Design Council, she manages the events portfolio, continuously exploring opportunities to promote health design best practices and keep abreast of the latest innovations in healthcare delivery.

Isabelle is passionate about forging relationships, leading teams and guiding project stakeholders towards achieving a collective vision.

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