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Gregson Lalara is a Warnindilaywaka man and a traditional owner of the Groote Archipelago in East Arnhem Land. He is the founding chairman of the Anindilyakwa Housing Aboriginal Corporation (AHAC) and a Traditional Owner representative and board member of the Anindilyakwa Land Council.

Gregson has worked tirelessly to advocate for better housing, infrastructure and planning for the townships and satellite communities of Groote and has played a pivotal role in engaging with community members on housing design, masterplanning and implementation. Gregson was a key member of Traditional Owners group, who negotiated a landmark Local Decision Making Agreement (LDMA) with the Northern Territory Government in 2018, with his focus on housing components of the plan. The LDMA confirms that the objectives of community empowerment for housing are a single, sustainable, diverse and culturally appropriate community housing system across all towns and satellite communities in the Groote Archipelago that the Anindilyakwa people control and take responsibility for.

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