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Geraldine is the director of Jackson Interiors and a principal at Jackson Architecture. Geraldine’s critical attention to the multi-faceted requirements of design brings an inherent authenticity to her work. Her approach is underpinned by rigorous commitment to exploration of ideas, spatial planning, material and detail, resulting in a diverse portfolio of unique work that engages people and transcends expectations. Geraldine’s ability to design beyond aesthetics, addressing the emotional, functional and human aspects of interior space, is demonstrated in a variety of small-, medium- and large-scale projects, including the Supreme Court of Western Australia, the Forum Theatre, the Victorian County Court, Monash International Business School (with JCB Architects), Llewellyn Hall, Analogue Adaptable Workplace and The Causeway Bachelor Studio.

Several projects under Geraldine’s direction have received national and international recognition. She has worked in Hong Kong and Germany and she continues to travel frequently, expanding her knowledge and experience.

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