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Doctor Eve Edelstein’s background combines design practice and research expertise, drawing from a doctorate in neuroscience (University College London), a professional architecture degree and studies in anthropology (University California, Berkeley).

Eve directs the Human Experience Lab, which translates current neuroscienti c and clinical data into design principles that have been applied in award-winning built projects. She also directs the DesignHealth Co-Laboratory, part of the American Institute of Architects’ Design and Health Research Consortium, which explores the impact of design at environmental, urban and architectural scales.

Eve brings together experts to apply emerging biosensors, environmental trackers and real-time fully immersive virtual reality simulations to demonstrate the impact that buildings have on the brain, body and behaviour. Her neuro-architectural approach and translational design process informs design solutions to enhance cognition, creativity, intelligibility, action and emotion, as well as reducing error and supporting the health and wellbeing of all users.

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