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Denice Scala is a visionary educational leader with a proven track record in creating vibrant learning cultures that set high expectations, offer creative possibilities, and allow students and staff to flourish. Formerly the principal of St Andrew’s School in Adelaide, Denice has also held the positions of head of junior school at St Catherine’s in Sydney and head of a learning support department at Dollar Academy in Scotland. Denice recently completed a Graduate Certificate in Neuroscience at Flinders University, focusing on how the latest developments in brain research can shape optimal learning experiences. She is currently leading a large-scale redesign of the school’s senior campus that is focused on collaborative, creative, innovative, connected and re ective spaces. A prototype space called The Enlightenment Centre complete with cinema, boardroom, retreat, IStudios, workshops, a performance area and cafe is the stimulus for emerging concepts about how to design a “Home for the Mind.”

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