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Cameron Bruhn is the dean and head of school at the School of Architecture, The University of Queensland. He is a writer, editor, curator and advocate for architecture, landscape architecture and interior design. From 2009 to 2018 Cameron was the editorial director of Architecture Media, Australia’s leading cross-platform publisher and event organizer for the built environment community.

Cameron holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Queensland and a practice-based PhD from RMIT University. He is the editorial director of Multitudes, a monograph celebrating multidisciplinary international design practice Hassell, and co-editor of The Forever House, The Terrace House and the Apartment House, published by Thames and Hudson. Cameron was a co-creative director of This Public Life, the 2015 Australian Festival of Landscape Architecture and How Soon is Now, the 2016 Australian National Architecture conference.

Cameron has written more than fifty introductions, reviews and interviews and has been a peer juror, sessional teacher, exhibition curator and guest speaker in Australia and internationally. He initiated the Asia Pacific Architecture Festival in 2016 and in 2021 he is a curator of the Brisbane-wide public and professional program.

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