Saturday 14 March 2020
2.00 pm – 4.00 pm ()


Space Furniture
35 Chester Street
Fortitude Valley Brisbane QLD
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K and T's Place by Nielson Jenkins. Photography: Shantanu Starick.

K and T's Place.


Presented by
Lachlan Nielsen and Morgan Jenkins, Co-founders, Nielsen Jenkins

Lachlan Nielsen and Morgan Jenkins of Nielsen Jenkins will present K and T's Place alongside their clients Tarragh Cunningham and Keith Burt.

Nielsen Jenkins is a multi-award winning architectural practice based in Brisbane.

The work of the practice explores key ideas of landscape, subtraction, connections and materiality in order to achieve client specific outcomes that are responsive to context and place. These explorations form the basis of all its work, from small-scale commercial and residential architecture to furniture construction and design.


Presented by
Tarragh Cunningham and Keith Burt, Cients,

Tarragh Cunningham has worked in arts administration for more than 20 years and is currently assistant director at Queensland Art Gallery, Gallery of Modern Art. Her partner Keith Burt is an artist who was born in Sydney, raised in Melbourne and now lives and works in Brisbane. He has been a finalist in the Archibald Prize twice, in 2017 and 2019.

Federal House.


Presented by
Kim Bridgland, Director, Edition Office

Kim Bridgland of Edition Office will present Federal House alongside his client Gordon McKellar.

The Federal House evolved out of many conversations on how a home may facilitate a connection to place and to self. Drawing from texts by Zumthor, Tanizaki and Pallasmaa, the home engages with a number of relationships of balance and tension that aim to provide a very particular way of living within a remarkable location. Perched atop a hills edge within the Byron Bay Hinterland, the home becomes a platform from which to observe both the immediate and the distant surroundings. Wrapped around a central sheltered courtyard garden, the home straddles a black concrete pool built entirely underneath the house and which opens onto the shadowy ferns of the central garden, framiing a northern view onto the valleys and hinterland horizon beyond.


Presented by
Gordon McKellar, Client,

Gordon McKellar is the chief operating officer of a large investment manager in Australia. Separate to his career in investments, Gordon has over the years developed a deep interest in architecture. In more recent times, and in particular through his association with Edition Office, this interest has evolved into the field of phenomenology and the impact space, material, light and shadow has on the human senses. He acquired his property in the Byron Bay Hinterland in 2014 and, following a period of subtropical rainforest regeneration works, engaged Edition Office to design and oversee the construction of Federal House.

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