Thursday 27 April 2017
6.00 pm – 8.00 pm ()


Brickworks Design Studio
67 King Street
Perth WA
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Presenting Partner

Left: Mills, the Toy Management House by Austin Maynard Architects. Photography: Peter Bennetts. Right: Mt Pleasant Walled Garden by Vokes and Peters. Photography: Peter Bennetts.


Our Houses

Toy Management House

Presented by
Andrew Maynard, Founder, Austin Maynard Architects

Andrew Maynard of Melbourne-based practice Austin Maynard Architects, along with client Meahan Callaghan, will share the story behind Mills, the Toy Management House – a playful home with a floor that is a giant toy box.

Our Houses

Mt Pleasant Walled Garden

Presented by
Stuart Vokes, Co-founder, Vokes and Peters

Brisbane-based architect Stuart Vokes of Vokes and Peters, with his client Louise Fry, will explore the design and processes that led to the Mt Pleasant Walled Garden in Perth. The reconfiguration of this home formalizes a garden around the existing house with a suite of brick enclosures.

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