Wednesday 18 March 2015
8.45 am – 5.00 pm ()


Melbourne Brain Centre
Kenneth Myer Building
30 Royal Parade
Parkville Melbourne VIC
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The inaugural Health Care/Health Design forum brings together Australasia’s leading practitioners, researchers, administrators and clinicians to discuss issues, share their experiences and speculate on possible futures for health design and healthcare. The four keynote speakers will present international and local benchmarks and interrogate the relationship between best practice in health design and the delivery of healthcare. These will be followed by moderated panel discussions in which panel members will draw the audience into the conversation.


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  • 8.45 am Arrival and seating
  • 9.00 am Welcome from Cameron Bruhn, Editorial Director, Architecture Media
  • 9.15 am Keynote Address
    Healing supported by the force of the senses
    Lone Wiggers
    Partner, C.F. Møller, Denmark
  • 10.00 am Keynote Address
    Health care challenges in the twenty-first century
    Stephen Duckett
    Health Program Director, Grattan Institute, Melbourne
  • 10.45 am Morning tea
  • 11.15 am Moderated Panel Discussion
    Panellists: Sheree Proposch (Principal, Hassell), Christine Kilpatrick (Chief Executive Of cer, The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne), Lone Wiggers (Partner, C.F. Møller) and Stephen Duckett (Health Program Director, Grattan Institute).
  • 12.15 pm Keynote Address
    Design and healthcare: Moving beyond the functionalist model
    Corbett Lyon
    Director, Lyons, Melbourne
  • 1.00 pm Lunch break
  • 2.15 pm Keynote Address
    Architecture for collective impact
    Johannes Molander Pedersen
    Founding Partner, Nord Architects, Denmark
  • 3.00 pm Moderated Panel Discussion
    Panellists: Ron Billard (Director, Billard
    Leece Partnership), Rebecca Moore (Director, Conrad Gargett Riddel Ancher Mortlock Woolley), Corbett Lyon (Director, Lyons) and Johannes Molander Pedersen (Founding Partner, Nord Architects)
  • 4.00 pm Closing comments from
    Cameron Bruhn, Editorial Director, Architecture Media
  • 4.10 pm Closing drinks
  • 5.00 pm Event closes
  • Download CPD Questions and Learning Outcomes

Keynote Addresses.

Healing Supported by the Force of the Senses

Presented by
Lone Wiggers, Partner, C.F. Møller

Through a series of projects and case studies, Wiggers will speak about future trends in hospital design and why evidence-based design and sustainability should be drivers into the future. She will discuss the effects daylight, silence, nature and art have on patients and their welfare, how healing is supported by the “force of the senses,” and how new technologies such as robots, electronic journals, tube postal service systems and voice-controlled patient facilities will support this design approach. Wiggers will talk about European projects such as the National Hospital and Akershus University Hospital in Norway; the emergency and infectious diseases unit at Skåne University Hospital in Sweden; and Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark.

Design & Healthcare: Moving Beyond the Functionalist Model

Presented by
Corbett Lyon, Director, Lyons

Hospitals, particularly in the latter part of the last century, have moved increasingly toward functionalist, medico-centric models where design was at best marginalized and at worst ignored in the pursuit of functionality and efficiency. We are now seeing a renewed worldwide interest in healthcare design, including its demonstrable benefits to the healing process. Design is now being re-embraced by architects and health professionals alike as a key element in health delivery thinking. In his talk, Lyon will explore the genealogy of the modern hospital and trace the evolving relationship between design and healthcare delivery, drawing on the new Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in Brisbane and other recent examples of Australian healthcare design.

Health Care Challenges in the Twenty-First Century

Presented by
Stephen Duckett, Health Program Director, Grattan Institute

Healthcare today is dramatically different from what it was fifty years ago but on the surface the institutional arrangements of hospitals and general practice still look similar. If you look behind the walls of the institutions, huge changes have occurred in the way care is delivered, how services are funded, and to some extent, in who owns and delivers care. Looking forward another fifty years and one would expect more transformations. But what might these transformations look like? What trends can we see today which, when extrapolated, might reshape the health system? This talk will include some guesses about the future of healthcare and the implications for us all.

Architecture for Collective Impact

Presented by
Johannes Molander Pedersen, Founding Partner, Nord Architects

At a time when the public health sector is struggling to stretch its limited resources, and the complexities and demands for holistic treatment are increasing, we need to think differently about how we develop and design our healthcare buildings and services. We need to use resources better, collaborate across sectors and consider information from multiple sources. Nord Architects is realizing healthcare buildings that are co-created with users, patients, employees, decision makers and related organizations. By engaging these stakeholders and promoting mutual relationships, Nord Architects seeks to create new alliances between the public, civic and private sectors. This approach influences the architectural framework and design as well as the organizational practice, resulting in a collective impact on healthcare.


Sheree Proposch

Principal, Hassell

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Christine Kilpatrick

Chief Executive Officer, The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne

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Rebecca Moore

Director, Conrad Gargett Riddel Ancher Mortlock Woolley

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