Malcolm Middleton

Queensland Government Architect

The combined Architecture Symposium in Hobart and site visit to Bruny Island was a rewarding experience. The site visit [to the farm and residences by John Wardle Architects] was the outstanding success of the weekend, offering the great pleasure of seeing a home-grown masterwork in the company of so many fellow professionals, made all the more accessible by having John Wardle on the spot to explain his approach and answer the many questions.

There was a real point of difference from most design talk-focused events, with the symposium on the first day providing some excellent themed insights from local practitioners as well as local project work being delivered by architects from other locations. The addition of two overseas speakers added to the value proposition offered up for the whole weekend. The ability to go out on site the next day as a full immersion made for a balanced and insightful experience.

It is important for Australian architects to celebrate and understand the depth of commitment achieved by fellow members of the profession and to enjoy the rich and varied landscape we have. I look forward to the next immersion and journey of discovery.

The Architecture Symposium, Hobart

Lindy Atkin

Co-director, Bark Architects

At the recent symposium and tour in Hobart, the creative selection and authenticity of the speakers was refreshing and focused. The relevant subjects and carefully crafted program, in an inviting venue, provided relaxed and informal opportunities for access to the presenting architects, offering the possibility of future connections or potential collaborations.

Architecture Media and Design Speaks’ trusted brand provides excellent high-quality, professionally organized events. I have already booked to attend the next symposium, having developed high expectations based on my experience of fabulous previous events, with the Design Speaks friendly team offering such personal attention to detail.

I would highly recommend other architects and professionals from allied disciplines to invest in the experiences, based on the stimulating calibre of speakers, the opportunity to immerse in exciting design conversations and to enhance self-development in our wonderful profession.

The Architecture Symposium, Hobart
The Architecture Symposium, Brisbane
The Architecture Symposium, Sydney
Housing Futures

Phil Moore

Director, Melocco and Moore Architects

This was an inspiring and fun event. I met architects from all over Australia, many of whose work I admire greatly.

One of the most valuable parts of attending the symposium was seeing the development of Australian architecture and it’s standing in comparison to the standard of architecture from overseas. For many years I have attended conferences where international architects were the main drawcard. It was wonderful to see that this is not necessarily the case. The buildings presented displayed clear design concepts, quite often born out of climatic constraints. It was great to witness architecture that included a rich choice of materials and an understanding of craft and workmanship.

Thanks for facilitating access to John Wardle's wonderful farm. The buildings were sublime and magic. His address was fascinating and very entertaining.

The Architecture Symposium, Hobart

Virginia Kerridge

Principal, Virginia Kerridge Architect

The quality of the speakers and the way this event was organized made it an absolute pleasure to attend. Rufus Black gave an entertaining and intellectual introduction about the ethics of practising architecture in today’s society. The local architects (Taylor and Hinds and Liminal Studio) gave very insightful talks about their beautifully crafted work. Penny Fuller, Andrew Burns, and the two overseas speakers James Grimley and Cazù Zegers also spoke very well of their thoughtful and interesting projects.

It was also great to catch up with colleagues from all over Australia in a relaxed atmosphere. I’ll be looking out for the next series of talks by Design Speaks.

The Architecture Symposium, Hobart

Seth Remaut

Seth Remaut Architecture

The symposium and tour were interesting and a generous moment too good to pass up; a necessary journey. On offer was a pithy program, carefully curated, and a deeply rewarding format that invited you into John Wardle’s lovingly revived Captain Kelly’s Cottage and the Shearer's Quarters on Bruny Island.

After the symposium and tour were over, my mind was still thick with the incredible charm of Wardle’s farm. The sensuality of those houses radiated back through the symposium projects of the previous day with an intensity I could taste. Thank you, Design Speaks, for the generosity of spirit in curating such an experience.

The Architecture Symposium, Hobart

Liesl Malan

Principal, Liesl Malan Landscape Architects

Thank you for organizing such an excellent event. The symposium speakers on the Saturday were tremendous. I loved the easy format – especially the fairly loose structure, which allowed each presenter a decent amount of time to talk about their work, in their own way.

Sunday’s trip to Bruny Island was fabulous. Beautiful brunch at the gallery, and a wonderful bus driver who showed us a little of Bruny. Seeing the work John Wardle and his team have done was a very special experience. I am grateful for John’s generosity in sharing their achievements. As a landscape architect, I loved seeing a bunch of architects so excited about landscape.

The Architecture Symposium, Hobart

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