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Elisabetta Guj (Libby) is the design principal for JCY Architects and Urban Designers and has been the design leader for almost all of JCY’s education projects since she commenced with the practice in 1988. Her work has included high schools, TAFEs and university projects, as well as many of JCY’s civic, cultural, infrastructure, social and housing projects and has included urban design, masterplanning and built projects. Many of these projects have been recognized through Australian Institute of Architects’ awards, with two projects winning RIBA International Architecture Awards and numerous being selected as nalists at World Architecture Festival in Barcelona and in Singapore. Libby approaches all projects in a multidimensional way, initially focusing on all facets of the people who will “live” in each project in the present and the future, context, physical, social, cultural, local and global elements as well as environmental elements. From this base, projects are evolved and sculpted into places, spaces, landscapes, objects and networks of inhabitable, functional and exible facilities from which learning can grow and communities can be enriched and ourish.

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