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Kerry and Lindsay Clare have been in practice together for more than thirty-five years. Their work includes a diverse range of architectural projects, from major urban and public buildings to small self-sufficient remote houses. Architecturally, they are consistently acknowledged for a rare combination of design excellence and high-level environmental performance. The 2010 RAIA Gold Medal jury noted that, “Kerry and Lindsay Clare have made an enormous contribution to the advancement of architecture and particularly sustainable architecture, with a strongly held belief that good design and sustainable design are intrinsically linked.” Their buildings allow occupants to engage with architecture and the world outside, reinforcing the essential connection with place. Lindsay and Kerry were jointly awarded the RAIA Gold Medal in 2010 and have more than forty RAIA awards for built works. Their practice is now based in Sydney and the Gold Coast to undertake selected projects across Australia’s eastern seaboard. Alongside practice Lindsay + Kerry continue their review roles for the City of Sydney, Randwick Council and Waverley Councils and teaching as professors at the School of Architecture and Built Environment, University of Newcastle.

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